Welcome to JJCF – where the Jewish community really pulls together for each other!

JJCF is a free email-based discussion group for the Jewish community of Johannesburg.

  • Need to find a service provider who doesn’t raid your fridge on the job?  Ask here for recommendations!
  • Need to borrow or buy a Torx key, size 3, or a set of duplex Niad UBRX adapters?  Someone here probably has one to lend you!
  • Saw a pothole the size of a Z4 on Corlett Drive and want to make sure nobody else’s Z4 becomes part of the solution?  Post a warning!
  • Want to sell the old couch your grandma left you with the ball-and-claw feet and that ghastly floral upholstery? Give it away?  Pay somebody to take it away?  Advertise it here!

On JJCF, it’s all about looking out for your neighbours and friends.

Send an email to subscribe@jjcf.info to join the community.