[spoiler intro=”Q” title=”A friend/relative/contact of mine wants to subscribe to JJCF. How do they do it?”] A. Have them send an email to subscribe@jjcf.info. Alternatively, send their email address to help@jjcf.info and we’ll do it for you.  [/spoiler]

[spoiler intro=”Q” title=”How do I post to JJCF?”] A. Write your email, with descriptive subject and body, as if you were writing to any ordinary person. Send it to jjcf@jjcf.info. It is unnecessary to include the phrase “Please post this to the list”, or any variation thereof. [/spoiler]

[spoiler intro=”Q” title=”How do I unsubscribe from JJCF?”] A. Send an email to unsubscribe@jjcf.info from the email address that you want unsubscribed. Please do not send subscription requests to the group! [/spoiler]

[spoiler intro=”Q” title=”I am getting too many emails from JJCF. Can I reduce my mail volume?”] A. Yes. You can request a digest of all emails sent to JJCF once a day, or after every 25 messages, whichever you prefer. Send an email from the subscribed address to digest@jjcf.info for the 25-mail digest, or daily@jjcf.info for the daily digest. [/spoiler]

[spoiler intro=”Q” title=”The digests are too long and wide and get truncated on my mobile! Do you have a mobile compatible digest?”] A. Yes. Send an email from the subscribed address to bb@jjcf.info for the 10-mail “BB” digest. [/spoiler]

[spoiler intro=”Q” title=”What other commands can I execute by email?”]A. nomail@jjcf.info to stop mail delivery without unsubscribing.
normal@jjcf.info to get individual.
moderators@jjcf.info to contact the moderators. [/spoiler]

[spoiler intro=”Q” title=”Why does it take so long for my messages to be delivered to the list?”] A. JJCF is a moderated list; all emails have to be approved by a JJCF list moderator before they are sent to the group.  Since we are all human beings who do, occasionally, take time away from the computer, it may take several hours before your email is reviewed, or days if it’s over Shabbos/Yom Tov.  In the meantime, please be patient and don’t re-post the same message. [/spoiler]

[spoiler intro=”Q” title=”I’m not receiving my JJCF mails!  What’s wrong?”]A. While we have set up our bulk mail to comply with international anti-spam conventions, some service providers are over-sensitive and falsely flag JJCF mails as spam.  In particular, corporate email domains are usually very strict on non-work email, and Yahoo Mail continually rejects our postings no matter what we do.  You can try to contact your domain host and request that they whitelist mails from the jjcf.info domain, but a surer way to ensure you get all your mails is to sign up for a free gmail.com address and use this for JJCF.  If Gmail falsely flags your JJCF mails as spam (search for “in:spam”), then at least you have the ability to create a filter so that your JJCF mails do not get sent to the spam folder.[/spoiler]